The Kiva Renovations Project

Kiva Houston

The Kiva in Farish Hall is one of the most utilized meeting rooms on the University of Houston Central Campus. It was in need of a facelift, appearing much as it did when constructed in the 1970’s. We introduced new lighting and a new colour palate that reflected a more high-end company image than an institutional facility through fresh wall panels, fresh carpeting, wall paints, railing caps and new chairs.

Upon the achievement of this Kiva Renovations Project, the University contracted with us to keep the programming and design of main lobbies, elevator lobby, and stair packs from floor through fourth floors that surround the Kiva. The original building is an octagonal plan with 4 comparable entrances and lobbies.

Kiva-Houston The Kiva Renovations Project

Design solution was two fold: 1) to define the approach to different spaces through a hierarchy of lobbies and corridors; and two) to orient the end users by distinctly specifying distinct lobbies and pods throughout the usage of distinct sets of colour schemes.

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